TIRO Communications is all about helping organizations create brand awareness and brand engagement that turns prospects into customers and customers into advocates.
It starts with getting the right strategy in place. It then moves to relentless execution—architecting and managing innovative, engaging Customer-Advocacy Marketing, Demand-Gen Campaigns, and Content Marketing programs that meet or exceed your business objectives. It also involves customer and competitive intelligence using TIRO Cognition Insights.
Content Marketing
The content marketing airwaves are saturated. While 51% of buyers indicate they rely more on content today than ever to research buying decisions, 73% concurrently say they have less time to spend researching and reading content compared to 12 months ago. Making your content count is crucial.
Understating the importance of Customer-Advocacy Marketing is difficult to do. 84% of B2B decision makers start the buying process off with a peer reference, and 60% seek peer reviews before making a purchase. 

At least 25% of all content produced by a B2B organization needs to contain customer evidence and stories. And case studies, video testimonials, etc. are the second-highest ranked content asset by buyers during the decision-making process. 
Customer-Advocacy Marketing
Demand-Gen Campaigns 
Designing and managing great demand-gen programs has never been more important—nor difficult. 

Consider the following: 53% of B2B buyers report that their buying process has gotten longer and more complex, 82% use more sources, 71% conduct more detailed ROI analysis, 55% rely on more peer recommendations, over 50% have more team members involved in the decision-making process, and 53% spend more time using social media. Whew!

A Few of Our Customers

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