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[New Report] 2017 Status of Workspace and Communications Services
Find out how we analyzed several hundred thousand CRM records to produce this industry report. 
TIRO Cognition Insights
Measuring customer experience. 
Numerous organizations have invested heavily in survey-driven customer experience and loyalty tools such as Net Promoter Score (NPS). While they are useful indicators of repeat business and growth, survey-based scoring questions disclose limited information about customer sentiment, values and needs, personality, among other factors that are used to pinpoint actionable insights. And they don't reveal what your competitors' customers are saying.
Tapping the value of online reviews.
You'd think with all of the attention buyers place on reviews that organizations would be leveraging them to identify new market opportunities, to deliver better marketing, sales, service, and product experiences, and to develop competitive intelligence. Yet this isn't the case. The challenge is that they reside in silos, and each review site has a different organizational structure.
TIRO Cognition Insights
Mining online communities and forums.
Customers want self-service, and growing number of B2B and B2C companies are turning to online communities to do so. What's more interesting is that  over half of prospects indicate they use them to research and evaluate solutions. With thousands of customer comments and questions populating online communities and forums, there is a rich vein of information waiting to be mined.
Analyzing structured & unstructured data.
TIRO Cognition Insights delves multiple layers into your customer data and those of your competitors. Able to work with both structured and unstructured data sets, we overlay disparate data sources to produce new business insights that enable you to drive operational efficiencies, tap new market opportunities, and thwart threats. 

Pinpointing actionable business insights.

TIRO Cognition Insights
Precision-Point Competitive Sales Strategies & Tactics
TIRO Cognition Insights
Marketing & Customer Success Programs that Target Needs, Values, and Personality Profiles of Customers
Proactive Identification & Mitigation of Threats to Your Business
TIRO Cognition Insights
Product Development Based on Customer & Competitor Intelligence
TIRO Cognition Insights
TIRO Cognition Insights, Customer Experience, Customer Satisfaction
Identifying insights in 7 different areas.
TIRO Cognition Insights scrapes, organizes, and analyzes customer data in seven different areas. In addition to scoring the sentiment of customers—yours and your competitors—over a historical time continuum, TIRO Cognition Insights enables you to identify meaningful business intelligence that can be turned into actionable insights. These augment and amplify existing NPS and CRM data sets.

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