Taking an Orchestral Approach to Marketing

TIRO Communications understands how Content Marketing, Customer Marketing, and Demand Generation works—whether it is developing an integrated strategy or creating award-winning content. We take a holistic approach, "listening to the entire orchestra and not simply the individual instruments." In addition, our virtual-agency model gives us the ability to offer cost-effective solutions to clients while concurrently delivering outstanding outcomes.
TIRO Communications, Aligning to Client Needs
Aligning to the Needs of Our Clients

We have built and managed marketing programs for companies of all sizes—from Fortune 500 enterprises to fast-growth startups. We don’t believe in forcing our clients to use a one-size-fits-all approach. Instead, we’ve designed our services so that they are modular, enabling our clients to engage us for comprehensive marketing programs that leverage the full breadth of our portfolio or al a carte models where clients select only what they need.ts select only what they need. ragraph
Tracing Our Roots

We named TIRO Communications after Marcus Tullius Tiro, the secretary for Cicero whose influence on philosophy and rhetoric is monumental. Most of us know Cicero, a prolific writer, orator, and political leader at the cost of the Roman Empire (1st century BCE). However, most of us don’t know Tiro. He was the storyteller, the one who captured Cicero’s philosophy and speeches in writing using a special shorthand that became the scribal handbook for note-taking for more than a thousand years. 

Just as Tiro helped tell Cicero’s story and provided the framework for many others who followed, marketers today aspire to tell their organizational and customer stories. TIRO Communications knows how to make this happen. The inextricable intertwining of Content Marketing, Customer Marketing, and Demand-Generation Marketing forms a perfect thread that, when unraveled, results in a melodious orchestral performance that produces better lead-generation results, more and better engaged advocates, and faster revenue growth.
Roots of TIRO Communications, Marcus Tullius Tiro, Cirero, Cicero's Secretary
TIRO Communications, Team, TIRO Accomplishments
Getting to Know the Team
During the course of their careers, the team at TIRO Communications has produced thousands of case studies, upwards of 600 videos, nearly 900 podcasts, hundreds of magazine articles and blog posts, and countless copy for advertisements. They have overseen three NASDAQ Closing Bell Ceremonies and managed upwards of 1,000 user group meetings. For their editorial and creative thought leadership, the team has been recognized with over 30 editorial and creative awards.
Patrick Spencer, President and Founder
The President and Founder of TIRO Communications, Patrick Spencer, started off his marketing career in Customer-Advocacy Marketing. His roles evolved over the past 15 years to include Content Marketing and other functions such as Demand-Gen and Digital Marketing—in both Fortune 500 and fast-growth environments. Patrick welcomes big challenges and the opportunity to make a big difference, and he works to ensure this remains front and center in all the work he and his team perform for clients. 

Having built and managed marketing programs in senior marketing leadership roles at companies of various shapes and sizes and maturity levels before founding TIRO Communications, Patrick possesses a breadth of experience and expertise. His background includes serving as the editor in chief and publisher for CIO Digest and The Confident SMB, digital and print publications that won numerous awards and accolades during this tenure. He has also written and published hundreds of articles and book reviews, including articles in referred academic journals. He holds a Ph.D. from the University of Durham and is the author of a book published by T&T Clark.
Patrick E. Spencer, Patrick Spencer, President of TIRO Communications
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