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TIRO Cognition Insights
Organizing and analyzing your customer and your competitors' customer data for actionable business insights.
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“The ability to think outside the box while also ensuring alignment with the business is something that we truly value from the relationship we’ve developed with TIRO Communications.”

Mary Castleton, Project Manager, Davinci Virtual Office Solutions
“I've been able to leverage the skills of TIRO Communications for a content program that I'm building. They are equally comfortable with strategic and tactical work, and customer evidence and storytelling are always a big part of what they do.”

Mark Mullins, Manager, Customer Marketing, D+H

“TIRO Communications has earned the badge as my go-to marketing partner. I know that regardless of the project, the deliverables are going to be really well done, thorough, and on time. The team has always delivered—from blog posts to white papers.”

Tara Benyousky, Dir. of Solutions & Vertical Marketing, Kore
Marketing, Unique Storytelling, TIRO Communications
Threw Away the Cookie-Cutter

The cookie-cutter used by the typical marketing agency? We "chunked" it. Instead, we go to where the client is at and work with them to design, build, and manage programs that align with their business while pushing them to explore new marketing horizons and possibilities.
Finding and Unlocking the Story that Matters

Storytelling is part of our DNA. The team at TIRO Communications has researched, storyboarded, written, edited, shot, and produced thousands of eBooks, white papers, articles, stories, videos, podcasts, webinars, blog posts, and the list could go on. 

These aren’t ordinary, run-of-the-mill content assets. Rather, these assets are unique and memorable, digging below the surface to uncover the human-interest story and to pinpoint data used to calculate tangible ROI. These are the pieces from which brand awareness, engagement, and advocacy are made.
Storytelling, Content Marketing, Content Strategy

Content Marketing, Content Strategy
Thinking Outside the Box with Academics

Our academic research model is unrivaled, overseen by a Ph.D. and used to turn over every possible angle. Our storyboarding, writing, and video and podcast editing starts and ends outside the box and is probably one of the reasons our trophy case is full of awards and recognition. 

The result is thought-provoking, educational content that gives readers, viewers, and listeners a reason to read, watch, or listen in the first place and then to come back again for more.
Telling the Customer-Advocate Story

When it comes to Customer-Advocacy Marketing, we know this space inside and out. We understand how to engage customers and turn them into advocates and how to give them a podium to tell their own stories or to tell their stories for them. 

We also possess 15-plus years of experience working with sales and partners to ensure they’re fully plugged—as givers and takers—into the power of Customer-Advocacy Marketing programs.
Customer Marketing, Customer Advocacy, Advocate Marketing

Demand-Gen, TIRO Communications
Creating Demand, Not Blather

We’ve interviewed thousands of customers over the years and know what they want and don’t want, what they find compelling and what they find useless, what is educational or thought-provoking and what is old news or simply marketing blather. And whether it is configuring and managing your marketing automation system or architecting your campaigns, we can get your Demand-Generation Marketing up and running, quickly and with results right out of the gate.
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