Customer-Advocacy Marketing

 Customer-Advocacy Marketing
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How the role—and importance—of Customer-Advocacy Marketing has changed over the past decade! It went from a tactical, “order-taker” function to a strategic, business-critical lever today.

Our Customer-Advocacy Marketing Background ...

2,000+ Case Studies & 1,000+ Videos and Podcasts for Global Enterprises Such as IBM, Sun, Symantec, Veritas, LivePerson, and Others
Qualified and Recruited 10,000+ Advocates; Fulfilled 25,000+ Reference Requests
Interviewed C-Suite Leaders from Companies Such as Vodafone, Visa, Thai Airways, Qualcomm, and Many Others
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Uncovering a Vast New Set of Opportunities

There are vast opportunities to be uncovered in the realm of what some call Customer Marketing 3.0 (or Advocacy Marketing). Once mired in its own silo and subservient to virtually all other organizational functions, Customer-Advocacy Marketing suddenly emerged as a means for organizations to engage with their customers, turn them into advocates, showcase them as thought leaders, and recognize and reward them for their loyalty.

Measuring Success
Success measurements went from “plugging holes” and keeping PR and sales at bay, to showcasing the quantity and quality of the customers, to mapping customer marketing assets and activities, to measuring the impact of demand-gen programs that use customer stories and evidence. Successful Customer-Advocacy Marketing programs demonstrate their ROI by tracking and reporting tangible business metrics.
“There are few vendors in the Customer-Advocacy Marketing space that know how to spin a customer story like TIRO Communications. We can interview anyone from an IT administrator to a global CEO and build a compelling, engaging story. In addition, they have a unique knack of uncovering customer evidence and constructing calculations that pinpoint tangible ROI."

Mark Mullins, Manager, Customer Marketing, D+H

"I was aware of what the TIRO Communications team had accomplished in roles prior to founding the company. We wanted to take our customer case study program to a new level—in terms of storytelling and design—and TIRO Communications was the perfect fit. In a couple instances, despite customers telling us they had no quantifiable metrics, TIRO Communications worked with the customers during the interview process to identify some proof points and then constructed calculations to produce measurable business outcomes."

Brad Rowland, Chief Marketing Officer, FSLogix

Examples of Our Customer Marketing Content ...

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While 51% of buyers rely more on content to research their purchase decisions, 73% say they have less time to consume that content. It thus makes sense that 88% want shorter formats. 

This is why we created a one-page Customer Snapshot that is customized to the message and brand (design) of each of our clients.
Download Our Customer Snapshot
TIRO Communications, Customer Snapshot, Customer-Advocacy Marketing
Only 23% of companies use Customer-Advocacy Marketing content for Top-of-the-Funnel (TOFU) Activities, and many fall short in achieving their objectives.

Buyers won't register for TOFU content that they view as marketing "fluff." Our eBook Case Study offering is a "register-worthy" content asset and can also be used in sales presentations (PPT).
Download Our eBook Case Study
TIRO Communications, Customer Snapshot, Customer-Advocacy Marketing
We recognize that many marketers and sales professionals still want traditional case studies, videos, podcasts, blog posts, and other content assets.

We know how to uncover tangible customer evidence during interviews and how to tell a customer's story in highly compelling ways in all different types of content assets.
Download Our Case Study Sample
Our Customer-Advocacy Marketing Service Options

TIRO Communications’ capabilities fall into two categories: strategic consulting and execution. Not only do we know how to help design or fix your Customer-Advocacy Marketing programs, but we also understand how to build and grow them. There are a number of specific service areas where we can serve as a trusted advisor:
1. Architecture
Unless you’ve done it before, setting up a new Customer-Advocacy Marketing program can be daunting. Knowing where to start and what to include on your checklist is no easy feat. We can work with you regardless of your size and industry. Some of the things included in program design include:
  • Mission and Objectives 
  • Advocate Personas 
  • Workflows
  • Stakeholders (roles and responsibilities)   
  • Measurement Areas and Metrics
  • Incentives (carrots and sticks) for Sales 
  • Program Naming and Launch Planning
  • Sales Enablement Technology Review, Selection, and Implementation 
  • Advocacy Strategy, Tactics, and Technology
  • Content Asset Strategy
  • Internal Communications 

2. Assessment and Consultative Recommendations
Our assessment service looks at the nine critical elements of a Customer-Advocacy Marketing program. In addition to assigning a maturity score to each one and providing an in-depth evaluation of each area, we spell out strategic and tactical recommendations tied to tangible business outcomes. The nine areas we examine include:  
  • Team and Operations 
  • Technology
  • Sales Enablement & Collaboration 
  • Advocate Personas 
  • Content Strategy and Execution 
  • Syndication & Communications 
  • Business Metrics & APIs 
  • Business Alignment and Workflows 
  • Engagement Models 

3. Qualification and Recruitment
Identifying, recruiting, and onboarding your customers and partners as advocates is the engine that makes your Customer-Advocacy Marketing programs a reality. No one knows how to do it better than us, as we’ve qualified and logged over 10,000 in our careers. 

Leveraging the right technology tools and our customer-advocacy marketing specialists, we can help you to quickly and efficiently build a vast repository of advocates to address a breadth of business needs.

4. Advocate Management
Once a customer or partner has joined your minions of advocates, how you manage and recognize them is pivotal. Laying the groundwork with the right strategy and technology pieces is the starting point. We can manage all of the moving parts of advocate management for you, or simply supplement your team. 

There is a plethora of different advocate activities. We use a holistic approach that maximizes marketing activities while building deeper, more strategic relationships with your advocates.
  • Analyst Reports (e.g., Gartner Magic Quadrant, Forrester Wave) 
  • PR Newsroom 
  • P2P Calls and Onsite Visits 
  • Presentations PR Interviews
  • Case Studies Blog Posts
  • Video Testimonials 
  • Podcasts 
  • Magazine Articles 
  • Book Case Studies 
  • Advisory Boards 
  • Product Feedback 
  • Beta Testing 
  • Customer Success Briefs
  • Business Value/ROI Studies 

5. Content Creation
At bare minimum, studies show 25% or more of your total Content Marketing needs to include customer stories and evidence. It makes a lot of sense. Content containing customer stories and evidence are 30% more effective than other content assets. 

Our team has overseen the creation of thousands of Content Marketing assets that have generated hundreds of thousands of digital views and engagements. We’re much more than a content factory; we’re an award factory, having received 30-plus editorial and creative awards for our Content Marketing prowess.

Having conducted thousands of customer and partner interviews, TIRO Communications knows how to find the kernel of a story and to tell it in a compelling, educational manner. When it comes to uncovering customer evidence, we have you covered there as well. We employ investigative data forensics to pinpoint data used to calculate tangible ROI. Indeed, our team members have designed and built some of the biggest, most successful ROI Case Study programs.

6. Reporting and Analytics
Data is meaningless without someone to help you analyze it and determine meaningful outtakes. This is particularly salient when you consider than only 15% of all data is actually used for business intelligence!

We collaborate with each client to determine what is important to measure, identify how to find the requisite data, sort through the intelligence to derive actionable intelligence, and devise the most effective communications channels for reporting it. This includes overlaying data in your Customer Relationship Management (CRM) and Marketing Automation systems to amplify the insights directly derived from your Customer-Advocacy Marketing systems. 

Our data analyst can also leverage third-party business intelligence tools to take your insights to a whole new level and make your findings easy to consume. We can also work with your internal data analyst to ensure your reports comply with your internal templates and standards. And for those organizations with customer data scattered between systems, we have the expertise to develop structured and unstructured scripts to streamline migration between repositories and into your desired system of record.

7. Strategic Consultation
For clients that need a custom approach and seek our expertise to fix or hone their Customer-Advocacy Marketing programs, we offer strategic consulting services. These can be combined with our other offerings or used as a stand-alone engagement customized to meet your unique business requirements.
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