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 Content Marketing
Content marketing plays a critical role in both the acquisition (prospects) and consumption funnels (customers). Prospects and buyers trust and buy from providers that deliver content—through all of the different channels—that is educational and thought provoking. 

Our Content Marketing Background ...

150+ Magazine Articles, 2,000+ Case Studies, Hundreds of Infographics, eBooks, White Papers, Blog Posts, Etc.
Produced, Shot, and Edited 1,000+ Videos and Podcasts with Customers, Partners, and C-Suite Thought Leaders
Academic Researchers and Published Authors (including referee-peer journals)
Content Has Influenced Millions of Dollars in Revenue and Generated Hundreds of Thousands of Unique Visits
Customer Marketing, Advocacy Marketing, TIRO Communications
Getting the Right Strategy and Tools in Place

With the vast majority of marketers indicating they are doing some form of content marketing and the allocation of marketing dollars and resources projected to continue double-digit annual growth, one would assume most are confident in their abilities and the results they are generating. 

But this is far from the case. Only 30% of organizations say they are effective at content marketing (down from 38% last year). Less than half even have definitions—let alone systems—in place to determine success. Getting a documented content marketing strategy—which must be intertwined with one’s demand-generation strategy—is a critical starting point. 

Surprisingly, two-thirds of companies admit they don’t have a content strategy and are “throwing darts at the dartboard” when it comes to content marketing. In addition to getting the right strategy in place, organizations need the right tools.

Executing to Plan and Measuring Results
With all of the content noise in the marketplace (76% of marketers are creating more content this year than last while 83% of buyers say they are overwhelmed with all of the available content), it is becoming increasingly difficult to reach your audience.

One of the reasons content misses its mark is that content creators don’t understand the personas who are consuming it. Content must also map to the different stages of the acquisition and consumption funnels. This is where the intertwining with demand-gen campaigns is important. Content marketing must ensure that it addresses demand-gen requirements across all phases of the acquisition and consumption funnels—from top to bottom.
“The content TIRO Communications produces leverages a breadth of market intelligence to tell a compelling narrative that includes both the diagnosis of the problem—the what—with a prescribed solution—the how.” 

Martin Senn, CEO and Co-Founder, Davinci Virtual Office Solutions
Davinci Virtual Office Solutions, TIRO Communications

MightyRecruiter, TIRO Communications
“Working with TIRO Communications has been a content marketer’s dream. From ideation to execution, they do it all. And alongside delivering the engaging, valuable content that’s critical to our business success, they take time to share their strategic insight and their recommendations for helpful marketing tools and technologies. What more could you ask for in a partner?”

Stephanie Katz, Content Marketing Manager, Bold (MightyRecruiter)

Examples of Our Content Marketing ...

TIRO Communications, Davinci Virtual Solutions Guide
Solutions Guides for Sales Enablement & Demand Gen

Davinci Virtual Office Solutions turned to us for help to create 4 Solution Guides used by their Sales Enablement team for middle-of-the-funnel engagement and by their Marketing team for top-of-the-funnel demand gen. 

We researched, wrote, and designed all 4 Solution Guides that  are helping to drive new opportunities and close new business.
Check Out the Solutions Guide
TIRO Communications, CIO Digest, Symantec
Digital and Print Magazine

CIO Digest was the lynchpin in Symantec’s c-level content marketing strategy for over eight years (27 consecutive issues).

Highlights include 25,000+ mobile app readers, hundreds of thousands of unique page views and click throughs, and hundreds of millions of dollars in revenue influence, not to mention a trophy case of editorial and creative awards and recognition.
Read Sample Issue
TIRO Communications, MightyRecruiter, eBook
eBook for Demand-Gen Campaign

Bold launched MightyRecruiter, its candidate sourcing platform, earlier this year, and we played a critical role in all 3 of the company's initial Demand-Gen Campaigns that were structured around a 3-part eBook series.

TIRO Communications researched and wrote more than 25 different content assets for the three campaigns, including all three eBooks. Take a look at the first eBook in the series.
Download Sample eBook
Our Content Marketing Service Options

TIRO Communications is equally comfortable working with an organization to map out a content marketing strategy based on core objectives and collaborating with companies to research, write, produce, and design highly educational and thought-provoking content that drives brand awareness, engagement, and advocacy. There are various content marketing areas where we can serve as a trusted advisor:
1. Program Architecture
It’s obvious from the gap between those who report having content marketing programs (88%) and those who admit to having a content strategy (32%) that creating a cohesive content marketing strategy isn’t easy. We’ve helped big and small organizations design content marketing strategies that have proven highly successful. 

There are a lot of different things to look at when it comes to designing a Content Marketing program that delivers results and meets or exceeds your business requirements (each consulting engagement is fully customizable based on client requirements):
  • Mission and Objectives
  • Buyer and Customer Personas
  • Stakeholders (roles and responsibilities) 
  • Measurement Areas and Metrics
  • Demand-Gen Ideation, Planning, Execution 
  • SEO Planning and Execution
  • Content Publishing and Syndication Strategy 
  • Social Media Promotion and Engagement
  • PR Newsroom Integration 
  • Internal Communications
  • Content Curation Strategy
  • Employee Mobilization and Advocacy
  • Customer-Advocacy Marketing Integration
  • Content Marketing Management: Tech Review, Selection, Implementation 
  • Sales Enablement Integration (CRM, Marketing Automation, Advocacy, Content Libraries) 

2. Assessment and Consultative Recommendations
Our assessment service looks at the nine critical elements of a Content Marketing program. In addition to assigning a maturity score to each area and providing an in-depth evaluation of each one, we spell out strategic and tactical recommendations tied to tangible business outcomes. 

The nine areas we examine include: 
  • Team and Operations 
  • Technologies 
  • Brand Identity 
  • Buyer and Customer Personas and Journeys 
  • Content Strategy and Execution 
  • Publishing and SEO 
  • Syndication and Promotion 
  • Business Alignment and Workflows 
  • Business Metrics 

3. Demand-Gen Campaign Strategy and Execution
Understanding how your Content Marketing strategy aligns with buyer and customer journeys in your Demand-Gen Campaigns is pivotal. 73% of companies that a customer journey strategy in place and map content to key journey-stage moments indicate they’ve seen a positive revenue impact. 

Marketers who believe they can create a couple of great content assets and run successful Demand-Gen Campaigns are in for a rude awakening. 82% of executives indicate content is a significant driver for their buying decisions. 50% of revenue for best-in-class marketing organizations is influenced by content.

We’ve architected and built countless Demand-Gen Campaigns and designed Content Marketing strategies that align with each of the key journey stages. Compelling content that aligns with buyer and customer personas is needed at every journey stage: above the funnel, top of the funnel, middle of the funnel, and bottom of the funnel. We conduct in-depth, Ph.D.-level research on a topic and work with the client to create substantive content assets such as eBooks, White Papers, Webinars, Infographics, Solution Guides, among others that prompt buyers and customers to take action.

4. Blog Management and Strategy
Blogging provides businesses of all shapes and sizes the opportunity to engage with buyers and customers through a highly cost-effective, viral content marketing channel. Companies that blog certainly see better returns than counterparts that don’t. Consider a few data points: 
  • 67% see more leads when they start blogging
  • Those that blog are 13x more likely to enjoy a positive ROI 
  • 97% generate more links to their website 
There are a number of factors that go into a successful blog strategy. These include: 
  • The right technology platform 
  • Integration with other marketing programs and technologies such as the PR Newsroom, Marketing Automation, Social Media, SEO, and Customer-Advocacy Marketing 
  • Content ideation, creation, workflows, and analytics 
  • Curated content that amplifies volume and quality and improves reach and influence 
The team at TIRO Communications has design, built, and managed highly successful blog programs that have generated hundreds of thousands of views and engagements. Whether you’re a Fortune 500 enterprise or a fast-growth startup, we have the knowhow to help you hit the ground running through laser-focused design, implementation, and execution. 

5. Customer-Advocacy Marketing Content
Content Marketing does not operate in its own silo. It’s only as affective as the other programs with which it is intertwined. Studies show that 25% of content needs to include customer stories and evidence, which also perform 30% better than content that doesn’t include customer stories and evidence. 

Buyers agree. 72% of buyers use case studies to aid in their evaluation and decision making, ranking them as the second highest content asset behind third-party analyst reports!

When it comes to the Customer-Advocacy Marketing space, we know it backwards and forwards. Over the course of our careers, we’ve developed over 10,000 advocates, 2,000+ case studies, 1,000+ videos and podcasts, numerous infographics, and over 100 magazine articles.

6. Digital and Print Publications
Many companies mistakenly believe they cannot produce a custom-branded magazine because they lack the right resources and the budget is too high. But when companies outsource their publications—design, execution, and ongoing management—to TIRO Communications, these issues evaporate. 

Our full-service model allows companies to outsource the all aspects of publishing to us, and we can deliver best-in-class quality—both editorial and creative—that matches other magazines with budgets and resource allocations 5-, 10-, and even 20-fold of what we require.

So why consider a custom-branded publication (magazine to newsletter)? 82% of business professionals spend 45 minutes reading individual custom publication issues, and 64% of them turn to each issue more than once. And the revenue impact is significant. For publications under out oversight, we’ve seen 20% of sales professionals indicate that they secured a c-level meeting (not previously possible) as a result of the publication and 9% report actual revenue realization (with an aggregate into the hundreds of thousands of dollars). Finally, for customers showcased in the publication, they spend twice as much as other customers and are up to four times as loyal.

7. Video & Podcast Storyboarding, Production, and Editing
Our team has been storyboarding, shooting, producing, and editing videos since the turn of the century. For example, we launched and ran the Executive Q&A Show at Symantec, capturing in-depth interviews with executive leaders on a range of different topics.

When it comes to customers and partners, we’ve generated over 500 during the course of career. These videos portrayed thought leaders from companies of all sizes and shapes—from Fortune 500 to fast-growth leaders—in more than 25 different countries around the globe.

As to podcasting, we were doing it long before it came into vogue; designing and pioneer a podcast program for Symantec in 2005 that generated nearly 100,000 downloads and listens every year.
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